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Free Fertility Yoga

By June 23, 2021No Comments
fertility yoga

Wellbeing Wednesday is back in partnership with the Enhanced Fertility Programme. On the last Wednesday of every month, we will be bringing our communities a FREE webinar to discuss a series of various topics that often creep in whilst you are on your trying to conceive journey. Check out our up and coming sessions below. We hope you can join us!

Wellbeing Wednesday 
Wednesday 30th June at 6:30pm (UK Time)

Lots of studies and research are showing that yoga can help support fertility in both men and women because it works on the physiological and psychological states.  This 40 minute session will be made up of a series of gentle yoga poses and breathing techniques designed to boost and support fertility health. These techniques help the body and the mind in reducing stress and bringing about a sense of calm. They will also help improve circulation and blood-flow not to mention increasing flexibility, strength and mobility in key areas of the body.

Be sure to sign up to ensure some time to relax and strengthen your fertility health.

This session will be led by Nua Fertility’s Movement and Wellness Consultant, Roisin Coughlan.



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