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The Healthy Gut Challenge: 30 Plant Foods In 7 Days

By March 21, 2022No Comments
Healthy Gut Challenge

The Healthy Gut Challenge for you involves the trillions of microbes that live along your gastrointestinal tract. It’s based on the largest microbiome study to date, the American Gut Project, a research project designed to determine how many types of bacteria live in our bodies and how our diet and lifestyle affect these microbes. Researchers at the American Gut Project found that people who ate more than 30 different plant foods each week had a more diverse gut microbiome compared with those who ate 10 or fewer. Our trillions of microbes living in our gut need different types of plant foods to flourish.

Why does diversity matter?

For good gut health, the goal is diversity. The more diverse plant foods we feed our gut microbes, the more diverse they become and the more “skills” they have to train our immune cells, increase our resilience to infection, strengthen our gut barrier, balance our blood sugar, lower blood fats and support our reproductive health.

It’s time to re-think the standard apple in the lunchbox and cucumber and cherry tomatoes for afternoon tea to see what other delicious plant-based foods we can include in our week.

You might think it will be hard to get 30 different plants in 7 days. Don’t worry, we are in this together. 

Challenge Duration – 21st March to 27th March 2022

To support you throughout The Healthy Gut Challenge, we will be posting delicious recipes, tips, stories, and much more on our social channels. This is just a start to remind you that your gut needs diversity for fertility. The more diverse your gut, the better your fertility health. 

Don’t forget to follow us on @nuafertility & share your treats with us. Use #nuagutchallenge 

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