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Hope For Dads In Waiting

By June 21, 2020March 2nd, 2021No Comments

Celebrations, such as Father’s Day, are generally expected to be a joyous time, an opportunity to celebrate with friends and loved ones. But, in certain circumstances, they might conjure up feelings of loss, anger or even frustration.

On Father’s Day, couples who are struggling to conceive could have a particularly difficult time, and fathers-in-waiting, who desperately wish to become a dad, might be reminded of their infertility challenges.

But there IS hope.

Here, our co-worker Mark Mullins shares his own story. “ A postcard to all the dads-in-waiting on Father’s Day”

I know all too well the feelings of loss, despair, hurt, anger and resentment.

As each Father’s Day approached, my heart was riddled with pain.

As each Father’s Day passed, the overwhelming feelings of loss stayed with me. I wanted to be a dad.

I had visions of watching my favourite football team with my son or daughter, of standing on the side lines of a pitch, watching a ballet show, teaching him or her how to ride a bike or just walking hand in hand, having the chats about life! I wanted to be a dad.

When I was told I would never have a baby naturally, and that I had male factor infertility, I felt my world fall apart. There was no more writing on the pages in the book of my life. All I saw was blankness. I wanted to be a dad.

But there is hope. The stamp you see on this postcard is my miracle.

Years of loss turned into hope and, finally, joy. My beautiful daughter with a kind heart and wise mind. I am a dad.

Life doesn’t always follow the script we write in our minds and hearts. But stay hopeful, stay connected. Talk with your partner, express your feelings and emotions and, most of all, hold onto that glimmer of hope that next Father’s Day will be your personal day of celebration. I did.


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