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Highlight the importance of the microbiome and its impact on our bodies health and fertility

Nua Fertility was inspired by my own personal experience of infertility.

I started Nua Fertility because I know first-hand the challenges of trying for a baby. My own journey with my husband, to become parents, was like an increasingly number of women and men, far from straightforward. We realised we needed to be proactive in our fertility health. We focused on our nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, emotional and overall, well being. This combined with the help of science (and some amazing doctors), culminated in the arrival of our beautiful daughter.

My experience gave me an insight into the reality of fertility problems that many of us face. My search for solutions grounded in science led to the importance of nutrition for fertility and the amazing world of the microbiome and microbes and how they are a key determinant of our fertility health.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
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