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Gut instinct & the microbiome – our journey to parenthood

Knowledge is power.

Most would-be-parents navigating the road to having a baby probably agree that it’s a massive learning curve, and coming up against infertility can make it stressful and emotional for men and women.  That’s why I am using my research and learnings to show the impact a balanced gut microbiome can have on maximising the chances of having a baby.

Nua Fertility born from our infertility experience

I created Nua Fertility, after my husband and I were lucky enough to bring our beautiful daughter into the world over a decade ago – having gone through 5 years of struggling with infertility.  We learned so much during that time and felt driven to share these insights and solutions to give other couples the best chance of a baby.

Surprises & Shocks

My husband, Mark and I realised we had fertility issues after one year of trying. Our journey led us to our fertility doctor’s office where to our surprise, they told me that there was nothing showing from my tests to indicate the problem was with me – but then the doctor turned to Mark and we were both shocked to be told that the issues were ‘all down to him.’  Following that consultation, Mark retreated into himself, away from me for over a year – and so our dream of having a baby became evermore unlikely…

I felt gutted when I heard those words.  It was such a blow to my confidence in my masculinity – and so unexpected.

Up until that point, all the focus of our infertility journey had been concentrated on Deborah. It took me at least a year to come to terms with the results and my feelings of guilt that I couldn’t provide Deborah with the baby that we both so wanted.  I think it would help men to understand better that the journey to having a baby is a joint-effort – and inherently there should be no more shame for a man, than for a woman who experiences infertility.

– Mark Mullins

I’ve told you at the start of this story that we do now have our own gorgeous daughter, so you know it ended happily – but not until after we had learned a few key facts, such as…

Did you know that there is an equal split between male and female infertility with 40% down to the man, 40% down to the woman – and 20% unexplained?

Did you know that your gut bacteria ‘flora and fauna’ otherwise known as your microbiome plays a key role in both male and female fertility?

Did you know that it can take as little as three months to kick-start your gut microbiome into ‘tip-top’ condition to help support your body and maximise your chances of having a baby?

Did you know there are some tangible lifestyle changes that women and men can make to improve their egg and sperm health and overall fertility and maximise your chances of conceiving a baby?

Did you know how important balance is for improved fertility – and that means balancing the help you get from science with your nutrition, lifestyle, fitness and emotional well-being?

It is rare that there is one miracle cure for infertility.

And if anything, that is what our infertility journey has taught us – that it is about fine-tuning every aspect of your life that you practically can to enhance your chances of having a baby.

But understanding the ‘step-change’ that improving your microbiome balance could have on your body, along with the impact it may have on your chances of conceiving a baby was the turning point for me and Mark. For that reason, I had to put all my energies into developing a range of cutting-edge supplements that support men and women’s reproductive health.  Nua Fertility supplements include five live bacteria strains that are proven to work in harmony with the body’s natural microbiome.  These bacteria are combined in NuaBiome  with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in two core formulae – one designed to support male fertility (link to male science & product fertility pages) and the other to support female fertility (link to male science & product fertility pages).

Gut instinct

My gut instinct, supported by scientific research and working with leading fertility and nutrition experts, showed us that improving our gut microbiomes has emerged as a missing piece of the fertility jigsaw. It is an area that has long been overlooked but can hold the key to optimising fertility health. Now I want to share with the Nua Fertility Community how taking care of your gut health profoundly impacts reproductive wellbeing. Discover how taking care of your gut can be the ultimate game changer for your fertility journey too!

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
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Our Journey Timeline

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