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First Team Triathlon Complete! Fundraising for Ukraine.

By April 14, 2022No Comments

Humanitarian needs across Ukraine are multiplying day by day.

In a recent post, we announced that Nua Fertility had donated to a campaign close to home. The campaign is being run by the daughter of our in-house fertility expert, Dr Lyuda Shkrobot. The appeal was set up to purchase a second-hand ambulance, which will be stocked with medical supplies and aid to help injured Ukrainians.

Team Nua decided to go one step further to support this campaign and raise donations for this very worthy cause. Last weekend the Nua Fertility team participated in our first team Triathlon, where we performed various activities such as swimming, cycling, and running. 

Here is Nua Fertility’s team effort in the Triathlon

Deborah Brock, CEO – Participated in a 5kms relay and completed the race with great enthusiasm and dedication. She set a perfect example of a leader, proving that anything is achievable if you put your heart into it.

Mark Mullins, Commercial Director – Mark enrolled himself on swimming. He was the first one among us to start, and he set a great example as he never lost his passion and completed a 400m swim. 

Aoibheann Murphy, Chief Financial Officer – Aoibheann is passionate about sports and fitness. She has participated in other Triathlons in the past. Not to mention, participating in the Triathlon and raising funds for this cause was her idea. Aoibheann’s activity was to cycle for 22.5kms – she started and finished strong. Aoibheann showed great enthusiasm in her task as well as encouraging and cheering for other members of the team.   

Lisa Corcoran, Business Development Executive – Lisa was the highlight of this competition. She proved that if you’re focused on your goal, nothing can stop you from achieving it. Lisa participated in 2 activities – 750m swimming and 22.5Kms cycling. Everyone was mind blown looking at her energy, passion & dedication. She finished both these activities on the trot – that’s right, no breaks in between. 

Pratik Pawar, Digital Marketing Executive – Pratik has a passion for fitness. Like Deborah, Pratik signed up for a 5Kms relay and finished strong with loud cheers from the whole team at the finish line. 

We are pleased to say we came first in each of our categories. It was a super team effort, and we had fantastic fun together on the day. It of course was spared on by the campaign we are trying to raise money for.  

Thank you to everyone who has supported the team in this challenge and donated. If you would like to learn more about the appeal or donate, please click on the link below.




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