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Welcome to Nua Fertility Team Pratik!

By October 22, 2021No Comments
Pratik Pawar

We are delighted to welcome Pratik Pawar to the Nua Fertilty family. Pratik joins the marketing team as Digital Marketing Executive.

Pratik has 5+ years in the Sales and Marketing. He’s worked in different companies and industries and has proved to be incredibly resourceful in every experience. He believes that the understanding of Marketing fundamentals has a great influence on strategy building. With the combination of strong fundamental knowledge and specialization in digital channels, Pratik is all set with a positive mindset to start his journey with Nua Fertility.

We asked Pratik what encouraged him to join Nua Fertility?

“For me, Marketing is all about discovering new ideas, latest trends, and seeking new business opportunities,  I need ears to listen to my ideas and marketing recommendations, which I think I’ll get in Nua Fertility. From the very first interview, I was well-heard and understood by Amy, Mark, and Deborah, which I rarely experienced in my past interviews. Another major reason is that I believe the contribution to society is the best organizational success. And I firmly believe that the Nua Fertility team is going out of its way to spread awareness, educate communities, and help people through their award-winning supplement in the fertility journey.”

We ask Pratik about his first couple of days with Nua Fertility, and here’s what he said,

“I absolutely love the team and work culture. The best part is, I can share my ideas with the Founder, Deborah, and Marketing Director Amy from the very first day. The handover is going on quite swiftly. Amy is very kind to check on me with the tasks assigned, making sure I’m not overwhelmed. Yesterday, Deborah and I had a jolly chat. Even she ensured that I wasn’t facing any problems or complications. I am delighted to be a part of this team and looking forward to learning and bringing strategic marketing solutions.”

Looking at Pratik’s response, it seems that he’s settling in well. We are delighted to have him on the team and look forward to hearing more of his ideas and see him flourish in his new role. Best of Luck Pratik!

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