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Trust Your Gut!

By April 6, 2021August 4th, 2021No Comments

Ground-Breaking Fertility Supplement Scoops Prestigious Pharmacy Award

Gut Health is a trending topic worldwide right now, with continuing research being carried out into just how important the gut microbiome is to overall health and bodily function.

Why is it such a big deal? It makes up 70% of your body’s immune system and has the same surface area as two tennis courts!

Inspired by this and motivated by her personal experience of infertility, Deborah Brock, Nua Fertility CEO & Founder, pioneered the ground-breaking production of the first of its kind fertility supplement; making the connection between the gut microbiome and fertility.

“It’s a game changer for female prenatal supplements” says Deborah, “because compared to most fertility supplements which contain essential vitamins and minerals, NuaBiome Women has been scientifically pioneered with an advance formula that contains not only key supporting fertility vitamins and minerals, but also five live strains of good bacteria”.

The mixture of key nutrients and probiotic strains are what gives this product its edge over other supplements on the market.

Nua Fertility was launched in August 2020 and only nine months later has scooped the prestigious: ‘Best Women’s Health Product’ award, at the 2021 OTC & Retail Pharmacy Product Awards.

Delighted by the news, Deborah Brock, CEO & Founder, Nua Fertility said:

“I am honoured that NuaBiome Women has won the Best Women’s Health product 2021 in the Irish Pharmacy News OTC Awards.

It wouldn’t have been possible to win this award without the sheer determination, utter hard work and passion for fertility health shown by all our team members.

To have been judged by a panel of fantastic experts and gain recognition by the Irish Pharmacy community is overwhelming.

I’m proud of our core values; quality, collaboration, passion, leadership, integrity and pioneering spirit. They make the staff at Nua Fertility a unique, caring and innovative team”.

A Special Message from Deborah Brock, CEO & Founder, Nua Fertility


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